Professional Fiduciaries

At the Alcaine Halterbeck Investment Group, our objective is singular: to deliver the best in personalized, comprehensive, wealth management for high net worth individuals, families and trusts.

We are able to do so because we offer a rare combination of extensive experience, thoughtful consideration of your needs and a sophisticated understanding of financial planning relared to structured settlements.  With each step we take for you, we strive to earn the trust you have placed in us, and to assist you during what may be an exceptionally difficult time.

Our practice is founded on trust and integrity.  When you work with our group, you have our commitment to treat you with utmost care and respect.  Our work is supported by D.A. Davidson's experienced professionals, sophisticated tools, extensive resources and advanced technological support.

When you are faced with the complexities of family and business finances, you benefit from working with a team who understands your situation and can help you plan with a comprehensive perspective. The Alcaine Halterbeck Investment Group helps our busy and successful clients sort out financial situations and develop strategies for reaching their financial goals.

Independent approach
We offer an array of financial services and solutions. However, we take an objective approach and have no obligation to recommend one solution over another. Our advice is grounded in a client-first philosophy and long term perspective.

Structured settlements
Along with traditional investments, our team is experienced in working to establish structured settlements as part of injury lawsuits. We work closely with injury victims, their attorneys and professional fiduciaries to establish taxexempt structured settlements as part of injury lawsuits.

Strong experience
With extensive experience in the financial services industry and our specialized area, our team is uniquely qualified to guide plaintiffs through the process of considering structured settlements and creating financial strategies that include settlements.

Full-service solutions
Through D.A. Davidson, we offer not only our team’s wealth management services and solutions but also can provide a range of traditional banking services and can connect you with our firm’s professionals who handle trust, estate and insurance matters. We also offer traditional banking and cash management services.

Spanish language capability
Our business is transacted in English; however, we understand that some clients prefer to speak in Spanish. We can accommodate our Spanish-first clients.