Are you familiar with your clients’ alternatives?

More than structured settlements

The Alcaine Halterbeck Investment Group has significant experience in working closely with plaintiffs and attorneys who have received, or expect to receive, structured settlements. Our clients benefit from our deep understanding of this powerful investment vehicle and the steps required to ensure it is implemented in your interests.

Along with traditional investments, our team is skilled in working to establish structured settlements as part of injury lawsuits. We work closely with injury victims, their attorneys and professional fiduciaries to establish tax-exempt structured settlements as part of injury lawsuits.

While structured settlements can be considered a safety net offering with long-term financial security, the settlement offer inevitably comes with questions. We can help you determine how a structured settlement—or an alternative—can meet your needs and those of your clients, with consideration for both today and the long term.

Alternatives to structured settlements

Professionally Managed Mutual Fund Portfolios
For plaintiffs with unknown future expenses, a portfolio of mutual funds may be a good alternative to structured settlements. By utilizing professionally managed portfolios, risk and volatility may be reduced through diversification. Having access to liquidity may also be beneficial to cover unknown future expenses. Additionally, the allocation of these portfolios can be adjusted to meet a client's changing objectives.

Professionally Managed Stock and Bond Portfolios
For plaintiffs seeking long-term capital appreciation, a portfolio of stocks and bonds may be a good alternative. These portfolios are commonly employed by settlement recipients who are designating their funds for retirement or as an addition to their structured settlement annuity. Similar to a mutual fund portfolio, an Investment Advisor can assist with ongoing monitoring, diversification and appropriate asset allocation, with the goal of reducing risk.

Variable Annuities
Plaintiffs seeking income may wish to consider a variable annuity with a guaranteed income benefit rider. Variable annuities are contracts between an investor and an insurance company where the insurer agrees to make lifetime income payments to the investor. Designed to be long-term investments, variable annuities are not suitable for meeting short-term goals, as there are penalties for early withdrawals. Investment values and income payments are dependent on the performance of investment options.

Irrevocable Trusts and Private Fiduciaries
Although trusts may not be a direct alternative to structured settlements or the aforementioned strategies, they may be used as a tool to control spending and investing. Trusts can be created based on the plaintiff's particular needs to empower the trustee to spend and invest the money on their behalf, mitigating risk. Through D.A. Davidson, you have access to trust professionals who can assist you in drafting and managing these types of trusts.